Monday, November 23, 2009

Stopping to Take a Breath...

It has been an amazingly busy and fun month. I have been working to get ALL the beads and beading stuff out to the shop in my attempt to become "organized". I'll have to let you know later if I am even a little successful.

I've also had some local customers. I laugh when they call me the "best kept secret" in town, but I guess they aren't that far from the truth. I've spent so much time and effort keeping up with the online stuff that I've not done any kind of promoting locally. It's quite a different experience to watch people shop for beads, especially when they are in my studio. I enjoyed it immensely.

And just to let you know...we still have NO SNOW!


  1. beautiful beads. Makes me want to start beading again... been busy sewing books!

  2. I don't know Deronda, looks like the second bead might have a whisp of snow. Very Pretty.