Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Snow Yet!

It's hard to believe we have no snow yet. I am not complaining and I am sure that it won't last long, but for now I am enjoying the days. I took the pick-up down to the body shop to get a new window and decided to walk home. I took the long way around as I did some banking, made an appointment to get my hair cut and just enjoyed being out in November without snow boots.

I had visitors to my studio last week. I have to admit that I don't always find it easy to let people into my work area. I'm beginning to feel a bit more confident in my ability to make a bead, so it's not quite so scary to have people see the good, the bad and the ugly....

Just a couple of pics today and then I must get some beads measured and listed...


  1. It's hard to believe there are bad and ugly beads in your studio. You always show us such beautiful ones. I'm not a jewelry maker, but I love to see the beauty you create in your beads.

  2. OH they are all so lovely..if I could make anything half as beautiful, I would be displaying it everywhere :)...and I only admire beads...I wish I could do what you do...

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  4. I greatly admire your beads and talent. Love the beads in the third pic.
    Funny you should mention visitors - I am expecting some in my office/sewing studio soon too. gulp :)

  5. Your talent is really amazing. You can turn simple beads to elegant designs. Looking forward to see your new creations, I'll always check your site.