Monday, October 26, 2009

What a week it was...

I started out by helping my sister put up a privacy fence. She has two beautiful white German Shepherds, but just moved into a house on Main Street across from the grocery store. The dogs can be a bit intimidating, so she decided a privacy fence was best. So I helped her dig post holes and get up the 6' fence panels.

I had ordered material to do a Halloween costume for a special little girl. I thought to myself that since I was ordering material, I would order some extra stuff for a couple of other projects that I've wanted to do. Not such a good idea since things were out of stock and somehow my order got all messed up. But I do have wonderful things to say about They did their very best to get things to me as quick as can be...never would have believed that things could make it to the middle of North Dakota overnight from Georgia. Whew...costume is done! And I managed to get one other project done while the sewing machine was out.

I took a bit of the studio space and have set up a place for my work-outs. Because of the meds for my heart, I am going to have to stay consistant to get back into shape. Dang...what a mess I've become over the past year or so.

Not a lot of beads from last week and the incense holder I made needs some help...I put the part that holds the stick in the wrong place. I'll see what I can do to fix it and get a pic later....

This one has a fine crack along the hole...he will go into
the bowl to be fused down at a later date.


  1. That is sooo pretty... I Love your work

  2. Love those black & white beads with the red flowers!

  3. Fused down? You mean it'll be gone?
    What a pity. It can be used in many other ways than as a bead. It can be used in embroidery of a wallhanging for instance.
    It just pours inpsiration! :)

  4. You MAKE these? Jeezum crow - that's amazing. They're gorgeous.