Thursday, August 20, 2009


I just opened the kiln and it's full of the ugliest beads I've made in a long, long time. It's not from lack of creativity, nor is it from a muse gone missing. It's from putting pressure on myself to "produce". I've had some amazing sales and my Etsy shop has gotten a bit empty...egads! So I got myself into a frenzy to fill the shop. BAD IDEA! Now I will still have an empty shop and I have this pile of ugly beads. So today, I am going to just do what I do, and enjoy the process of doing it. I cleaned off the torching space to give my mind a chance to relax in blank slate mode and hopefully tomorrow's kiln will have something that makes me smile.

This set is on it's way to the east coast, but I love the depth it has.


  1. You know that there is no accounting for taste. What I mean is, those beads that YOU think are ugly might be the most beautiful beads to someone else.

  2. Wow, those beads are so lovely, Deronda! I'm jealous of whoever bought them!

  3. Congratulations on those sales! I think it's good that you clearly recognized the difference between production and art -- even if it resulted in a batch of ugly beads.

    And, I'm sure they're not as ugly as you imagine them to be!

  4. Wow these are terrific. i won't say that your kiln was not full of the ugliest bads you've ever seen because I don't know what they look like.

    But, I do know that I too do my least creative work when I force it and am not as inspired as usual.

    However, I have also posted some photos that I think are the among my worst and everyone else loves them.

    I've also posted some I thought were absolutely my best and no one liked them at all.

    So I guess it the old saying about Beauty being in the eye of the beholder is true!!

    good luck and I hope you have an incredibly inspired, productive and wonderful weekend!!

  5. For me, ugly is when I've burned the glass, or the hole isn't right or the balance is off. They may look okay, but I know they aren't good beads.

  6. Hi.. love the blue beads .. they look lovely...