Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not a bead, but a bed.

My sister has been storing this for years and years at my house.
It's now been passed on to me, and I have made a decision about it. But first, a bit of history. My family homesteaded in southern Colorado, right along the Santa Fe Trail. I grew up going to the ranch and the memories of my granddad will always be strongly linked to horses and cattle and his fiddle. The ranch was his haven and I would bet that he traveled every possible inch over the years. This bed frame was one of the things that he found out there and according to my sister, he believed it had been left behind when someone needed to lighten their load. I'll do some work on it and give it a coat of paint, and then it will go into the back yard and I will plant a climbing rose in front and the frame can become a trellis. It will go near the wind chime that reminds of us of Jeff's mom who was taken too soon, but so loved the sound of the chime that her brother had made.

Okay, one set of beads. I am hoping that as we approach fall and the days begin to get shorter and cooler that I will find it easier to be inside on the torch rather than playing outside.


  1. What a wonderful garden feature this will make! Too cute with roses climbing on it!

  2. I love the soft colours of those beads. Lovely!

  3. great set of beads - love the flowers!

  4. What a fun way to recycle what is no longer used. I bet it will be very pretty with the roses.

  5. The bed headboard is so unique and I love the history of it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love that headboard!
    Dropping in to say hello!
    Great blog I am following:)