Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog Hopping

Every now and then, I just like to hop from blog to blog to blog, following links and seeing where it takes me. Often, I have to stop and read or just gaze in wonderment at all the wonderful things people are creating all over the world.

One of the venues that I choose to sell on is Artfire. I've been there for awhile, and I've watched as it's grown and continues to evolve. I've watched new artisans join the ranks of the sellers and I've gotten some unique gifts there(shh, I've even bought a few things all for me). More and more I see Rapid Carts or Artfire window shops showing up on blogs as I go wandering from blog to blog to blog.

I do have some favorite blogs, but my first blog stop is usually the Artisan Beaders blog. I'm quite proud to belong to this group, and I have learned more from them than I ever knew I needed to know. So if you ever just want to blog hop, make sure to add us to your list.

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