Monday, August 10, 2009

Can I be Serious for a Minute?

The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions, thoughts and ideas. I had a bead purchased a couple of weeks ago by a certain buyer who has been "investigating" online shops to see if they are current with all their business licenses and such. At least that is what the person would like the world to believe. Who knows? Maybe they have even convinced themselves that is the reason for the hateful blog and the efforts to annoy artisans. I'm not going to promote her blog, but I am going to give you a link to another blog that has links and such to artisans that are being annoyed. If you have a minute, go to that blog, click on some links and if you see something that strikes your fancy, do a bit of shopping.
The Artisan Fraud Truth Report
You won't find me on the blogs, which means either all my business stuff is up to snuff or she finds North Dakota a bit slippery to navigate.

But every cloud does have a silver lining. I've met a few online artisans that I didn't know before and have a few more shops to add to my shopping file for when I am ready to start Christmas shopping. Maybe not the most pleasant way to meet, but definitely glad I did.

I just did this red bead and it's one of those that are simple but for some reason still ones that make me smile. And just a bit of bling for fun.

And just a pile of playing around beads...