Monday, April 20, 2009

Artisan Beaders....Shiny Adornments

Woot diddly doot!

Kristy of Shiny Adornments is another of the Artisan Beaders. She's got mad skills with the wire....

DNA Double Helix -

Artisan Handmade Gemstone Wire Wrapped Necklace

Now in her Etsy shop... http://

And then she has one of the most amazing blogs ever. She's got the best information and then you find her bits of humor thrown in just to keep you from getting too serious about yourself.

Simply Shiny Blog


  1. I do love that necklace!
    How's the water level?

  2. that's great looking. Love the combination of silver and crystals!

  3. Totally mad -- absolutely beautiful!

  4. OMG doesn't that just make you sick how talented some people are!! lol I love her work, AMAZING!!