Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Fixed!

The kiln is fixed and I have nothing but the highest of praise for JenKen Kilns. From my description, they knew what I needed and the parts came so quickly. And along with the parts were directions on how to replace the relays. It's up and running and I am as happy as can be.

I've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and getting flower beds cleared. They've been a bit neglected the last couple of years, so they are a real mess. Blame it on the glass...yep, it's more fun to play with glass than weed.

I've been listening to BlockHead Radio quite often when I'm on the computer. But I have a word of advice if you listen to the morning Brewhaha~don't listen to it while drinking anything. The laughter is infectious and if you aren't careful you end up with coffee or soda all over the monitor.

I'm needing to add some photos to Deviant Art, but I am having trouble deciding what I want to post over there.

Haven't had anything really exciting come from the torch this week. But there are these...they are some of the largest beads I have ever made, and I think they are ones that I am going to wire wrap. The longest is 2.5 inches and they are nothing more than a way to use up the little end pieces and play with colors and designs that I might not try otherwise.

This set was listed, but just never sold. I still really like it, so I think I will mix it up with some other things and actually make something for myself. Yeah, I've said that before and then either it gets sold or my mom likes it or one of my girls just say "thanks" as they walk out the door with it.


  1. JenKen is a great company. They know their kilns! I've only had positive experiences with them. Love the last set. Love the large beads.

  2. Those blues are absolutely the most gorgeous blue ever! That is my favorite shade - they remind me of Caribbean seas (though I've only seen them in photos, lol).
    Good luck with the large beads - I love wire wrapping things and seeing what transformations can occur.

  3. Yay! I am sure you are thrilled

  4. glad the kiln is up and running!

  5. Great news!! Glad to hear you had good customer service.