Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a Week!

Well, let's see...I have NEVER seen so much water around here in my life. I wouldn't want to go in a ditch now because they are totally full of fast running water. Many of the gravel roads have been washed out or are still under water.

So Jeff was supposed to be having dinner at the local restaurant last night. Turns out he was at the restaurant, but as a volunteer firefighter instead of a customer.

My poor kiln is waiting for parts. I have a JenKen kiln and I have to tell you that you can't beat their customer service. Real people helping you so you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

This is the Herkimer Diamond and Garnet necklace I made for my daughter. At least with my girls I know that I am getting totally honest opinions...good thing I know they love me. At times they can be just plain blunt about what they think.


  1. What a great necklace! I think I need some herkimer diamonds -- next time I go to Tucson, they will be on my shopping list

  2. beautiful necklace. Hope you get your parts soon, and that you don't get stuck in a ditch!

  3. I hope the waters recede...and no more fires!
    I love herkimer diamonds.

  4. I have also had great customer service from Jen Ken when I needed a new relay switch. They shipped it out fast & sent an invoice later!

  5. You have such beautiful beads--hopefully everything will be up and running soon with no more fires.
    You have been tagged:


  6. Jeff helped fix the kiln on his lunch hour! Yay, I can make beads again.

    I think I will add more Herkimers to my ever-growing collection(no, I do not quite qualify as a hoarder yet). They would be fun to really let the creativity loose.