Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012....almost over

It's hard to believe that this year is almost over.  It's been a year of changes in my life; as a person, as a business owner and as an artisan.  I can't say that I enjoyed all of it since I lost a man that helped me grow up and was always there to help when he could.  As one of his great-grandchildren said, "He was the best Gramps ever"

Taking Deronda Designs to a brick and mortar store has been interesting in the fact that it encompasses another business called Close to Home.  Wow....what a year it's been there too.  Am I happy about it?  Depends on the day, but yes most days.  It gets me back into the public and gives me another place to sell what I love.  On the down side, it restricts the time I do have in the studio to play with fire and glass.

The glass will always be my passion...and let me tell you something...there is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing this out in my studio.  The next generation of creativity.  But I have to say she loves playing with metal more than the glass so we may have a metalsmith in the making....

These melon reds are listed in my Etsy shop...

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  1. That "next generation" has a beautiful smile and I bet, she loves working with you! What a treat for you both :)