Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's an Online Life and Real.

Who would have thought when I decided to sell beads online that I would get so much more than a market?   I sold my first bead online in December of 2007.  I've sold more beads since then, but even better is the friendships that have been created.  These people encourage, inspire, challenge, listen, advise and sometimes even push or scold each other when necessary.  They check on you when you go missing for a day or two and if for some reason you just blow up and embarrass yourself, they shrug it off and welcome you back with open arms.

I think one of my "oldest" online friends is Deb.  Although younger than me, she was the one that told me my pictures were awful.  But with that also came the offer of help and beginning of a friendship that I think will stand the test of time and distance between here and Hong Kong.

Mexican Fire Opal
She's generous with her knowledge and skills and has some of the yummiest gems and even more gorgeous pieces of jewelry.   Right now she has a sale going on in her gems shop  CrysallisGems  but you should also wander into her CrysallisCreations  shop and see what she does with gems and wire and pretty pieces of glass.

Haven't done any beads lately, but have to admit this set in my Etsy shop are some of my favorites...

Bronze with circles  Handmade SRA Lampwork Bead Set 1288


  1. I cherish all of the friends I have met online and am very proud to count you and Deb among them.

  2. I think I can speak for both Deb and myself when I say we feel the same about you. I love when our muses start playing together and the ideas flow faster than we can keep up...

  3. You ladies are all crazy ... must be why I love you! :-D

  4. I have to agree it is so much more than blogging, and selling. You make new friends you never even expected to get.