Sunday, May 29, 2011

Were you Happy at 15?

Now not a very beady question, but it made me smile to think back to those years. At 15, I met my first love who spoiled me rotten.

At 15, I took my first trip alone...out to the east coast to see my oldest sister(and by the way, my first love paid for most of that trip). Still not sure why I wanted to go see her...she's the one that used to pull me down the hall by my hair, but it was an interesting vacation. Saw cool things, met cool people and went to some great places and even better little shops.

Pretty sure I got my permit when I was 15 and my sister's boyfriend tried to teach me how to drive...and we ended up in the ditch.

So yeah, 15 was full of new and exciting was fun being a kid that year.

And just because this is supposed to be about beads...
I like these, but I have to admit to like the softness of the flowers on these...

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