Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Still February...

Okay, I am trying not to be so neglectful of my blog here. It's's cold and I am really feeling it this year. Tonight I am smiling because the temperatures aren't in the's a heat wave.

The beads have been more playing than serious lately. It's good for my soul to just kick back and not pressure myself to "produce" but just grab the glass and see what happens. Sometimes it's interesting...other times it is just plain failure. And before you say you've never seen me make an ugly bead, let me show you this..
Truly glass that didn't "go together". But it's okay because I can laugh at them and know that it's just another lesson learned.

On the other hand...this set makes me laugh just because I see them and they make me happy because they remind me of spring and gardens that will soon(okay still a few months)be green and full of color.

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