Saturday, March 27, 2010


I think one of the most frustrating parts of glass is trying to get decent pictures of it. I've gotten pretty good with most of the beads although every now and then there is a set that throws me.

I've made cabs and some of the best ones are the implosions. Making implosions using soft glass instead of boro was something I tried before anyone told me that it was really, really hard. Since I have nothing to compare, I really haven't a clue. I just have fun playing with them.

Someone was asking about who made lampwork cabochons and my lovely friend Deb, volunteered the info that I do. I have decided that I will sell some, but before they leave home, I really want some good photos to add to the scrapbook of favorites I've made.

It's hard, but here's the best I've been able to do...


  1. I can appreciate the difficulty in photographing some of our glass work. I think your cabs are lovely and am now wondering how the heck you make those!

  2. Hey D the glass is amazing!!! So glad you are making cabs.

    Have a great Sunday

  3. I love the implosions Deronda. They are like little nebula captured in glass. Your cabs are on my wish list.