Monday, February 1, 2010

Nothing to Say...

I haven't felt like I've had anything to say lately. Part of it has been the winter 'blahs', but as the days are beginning to get longer I am feeling less blue.

I did some copper etching. Somewhere in my online wanderings, I ran across a basse taille piece and so it all begins....HOW did they do that? So far I have only done the etching, the enameling will come before long I am quite sure.

I also got a new press that does the nugget shape. I have never been a fan of presses, but until now I could never get one to work very well...until now. I do like this shape for beads.


  1. I love your beads, Deronda, and those nugget ones are a great shape!
    Cant wait to see more of the etchings, they look awesome!

  2. The etchings are awesome....Oh I'm in love....

  3. the etchings are beautiful, all by themselves! {:-Deb

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