Monday, October 27, 2008

Fusing and torching and fusing and torching...

I've been just having a lot of fun lately. Except for today when I actually made myself take pictures and get started on the listing. The business card holders and the nightlights will make their way into the etsy shop this fact, here are the three that I honestly listed so far in my Etsy shop

And I've been making a few beads....

Inspired by Corina Tettinger, I've been practicing my encasing and stringer control. I've bought the book, I've bought the DVD, but my stringer control still doesn't come close to hers.

A quick photo while they are still on their mandrels, just waiting to be removed and cleaned. Oooh, it felt so good to be on the torch. Finally, the glass and I were "friends" again and even though all these beads were made from little pieces of odds and ends glass, they turned out well.

Let's see, what else can I show you? Oh, this is the latest nightlight that I just put together today. I have to plug it in and see if it looks okay, then it too will probably get listed this week.


  1. Deronda your business card holders are beautiful!! I especially like the black one it reminds me of licorice allsorts ;o)

    I'm glad to see your muse came back well rested, and how fun that you put some Deronda leaves on a nightlight!

  2. Those business card holders are a great idea! Very cool :)

  3. These are really great and beautiful! Love it!

  4. I love the business card holders! Wonderful :)

  5. lovely designs. :)

    are you from North Dakota?

  6. I love the business card holders. They are so cool.

    And your beads look fantastic!!

  7. I think I like the business card holders the best. Suggestion?: I have postcard size business cards, and had a friend make a holder for my size cards. Someone else might be wishing they were bigger. {:-Deb

  8. Yes, I am from North Dakota.

    Love the idea of larger holders. Still new to fusing, but am trying to think of what useful things I can make from the glass.

  9. I love the green card holder! it would look great on my desk! :)

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