Wednesday, October 22, 2008, there, everywhere

Lately, I seem to have more ideas than time. The mind is going and going and I am finding it hard to stay focused on the task at hand. Okay, I will admit it...I not only find it hard, I am finding it impossible. In all the flitting from thing to thing, I keep misplacing things. A bead, a fused bit of glass, my notebook; they go missing and some of them still haven't reappeared yet.

If I manage to grab a photo before I flit off to something else, I can usually find the piece near the photo booth. So here are a couple of things that didn't get misplaced(yet).
This will be a nightlight
Beads, finally made beads again
A couple more of the micro slides that I've painted and soldered


  1. I'm loving all your new stuff!!'ve been tagged! Check my blog. :))

  2. Beautiful painted pendants!

    I understand about ideas vs. time. I have a two year old, and I homeschool my oldest 3, plus we're an avid sports-playing bunch. Varsity volleyball and upcoming club season have everything turned on it's ear. Just about the time I warm up with an earring pair or two I have to run off to do something else. Balance seems to be elusive to me.

  3. The last photo is beautiful, great work on all your pieces.

  4. I love your stuff on Etsy, but I didn't see any nightlights :(

  5. Lovin the Treescapes, are they for sale?? Your ole buddy would like to purchase them, I have two peeps on my Christmas list that would get them! Just email me if you do. Like the new work and glad to see you back on the torch. It takes a long time to heal! God Bless!!