Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spring In The Air

"Spring In The Air" is the etsyBead Theme of the Week. I have to admit it was nice to think about spring while the cold Dakota winds were blowing giving us a wind chill of 50 BELOW ZERO!! Do a search on etsy for spring in the air and you will find all kinds of beautiful things to put a little spring into your day.

I've been spending time reading through all the resources and discussions on both Etsy and etsyBead. It's amazing what you can learn. Etsy is HUGE and can be quite intimidating, but as I learn my way around, it's getting easier. I just have to remind myself to take some "down time" and relax. But then again, every day I get out to the torch to play with fire and glass is totally relaxing for me.

I am not a jewelry designer, but I dabble. Mostly because as I am making beads, it helps to have some working knowledge of how they might be used and how they will hang. Anyway, I did make necklaces for my daughter and her daughter for Chinese New Year from coins we had left over from her wedding. She liked them, so I guess for me, that is all that really matters.

Stay warm, and remember "SPRING IN THE AIR"

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  1. Yay, Deronda! Thanks for joining the etsyBEAD Blog Ring! I've got you all updated.