Sunday, November 20, 2011


Now and then, I just like to do something that is pure fun.  These little piggies are so fun to doodle on, although these paints are not exactly my favorites to work with.

Poor piggie on the left got dropped and shattered in a zillion pieces

I was also given some pheasant feathers and am busily coming up with ideas for using them.  I love them with copper so I think there will be some combining of these two elements.  Might add in some of the soft deer lace as well...but I never know until it's finished.

The Close to Home Event is happily moving along.  Still just an event for the holidays, but such great stuff to be found.  This fish bowl quilted wall hanging/lap quilt is adorable with it's fun design and the fact that the quilting has been done by hand...gorgeous.  Every day it seems like there is something new to see and my wish list just keeps growing and growing.

Okay back to feathers and copper...will hopefully have pictures soon.


  1. The piggies are so adorable! The quilt is lovely. I hope you ladies have a huge crowd.