Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Adventures

Earlier this year, I had to come to terms with some hard things in my life.  The journey is still hard and I falter at times, but from the new found courage I joined in this new adventure.  This is the building that will house a holiday event in my little hometown called Close to Home.  The goal is to offer up a shopping event in a shop filled with items that are either hand picked by some of the vendors or handmade by others.  Close to Home seems like a perfect way to showcase some of the great things that a small town has to offer.

 It no longer looks like this and I will give you some updates in a few days.  But before I do, I challenge any local readers to stop in and say hi.  We have a few vendors, including my line of jewelry, some hand thrown pottery by Kathy, some vintage and fun items from Karen,  Fay's handpicked items from her sources with the promise of more quilts and afghans and  zipper bags and Christmas stockings and the list just keeps growing.  Word of mouth is already at work so there have already been a few stop in.

I finished a few pieces earlier today that will be ready to go out there in the next few days and a few ideas that are rolling around in my head as soon as I can settle back into creative mode...here is a sneak peek of what might show up there soon.


  1. oooh sounds like so much fun! Wish I were not so far away sounds like lots of treasures can be found.

  2. Sounds like fun but a lot of work. I love what you are doing with the metal pendants!!

  3. It's great to watch it begin to come together.

  4. Wow! What a great endeavor. I wish you lots of luck this holiday season!