Sunday, September 12, 2010


Life has a way of reminding us what matters the most. This summer was one where the reminders just kept slamming into me, but as autumn approaches I feel things beginning to settle.

I recently went out of state. I thought about what to do about the online shops, and decided that I would just take them with me, so to speak. I packed up the beads, some mailing supplies, my postal scale, my printer and of course, the laptop. It worked pretty well. I could be where I needed to be and could still keep things going. After 10 days it was time to come home because I haven't quite figured out how to take the torch and glass along with me...

I've been playing with the mica powders and I love that shimmer they get. I'm not sure if I like the metallic look or...

the softer look of these.


  1. The darker colors look great in the metallic finish and the lighter colors look great in that softer finish....or is the kind of finish dependent of the color (dark or light)? I know nothing about these things I just admire the heck out of them!

  2. Love them Deronda! the colors are fun and bright.. and I sure like your bubbles too! Glad to hear things are settling down a little for you.. Diane