Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taking Pictures...

Yeah, today it's been pictures of beads. It's the part that I struggle to do well and yet, there are those days that nothing is working well. So I have to start all over because I think the pictures have to be the best I can possibly get.

You know how I am always making flowers in the middle of winter. Lately, it's been more leaves and fall stuff. But I guess that's okay...it's not like the beads will go bad while waiting for the seasons to change, right?

And some new things...well not so new, but things that have been waiting to get photo'd and now need to be measured and listed.

Okay, off to measure and get things ready for listing.


  1. Great beads, Deronda! Photos are good, too!

  2. As Always your beads are beautiful. And I have never seen a bad photo taken by you.


  3. What pretty beads! I love the pumpkins and the flower ones. Oh, and the trees, so I guess I love all of them! :D

  4. your sets are so beautiful! I love the turquoise coloring!

  5. Wonderful beads...the pumpkins are so cute!
    The turquoise is simply gorgeous!

  6. I love the Halloween ones, I will have to remember to come back and get them.