Monday, July 27, 2009

Moody Monday

It's Monday. I think it's Monday. Even if it weren't Monday, I would say it feels like Monday. Blah!
In the reality of the world there are good things and bad things. You can't appreciate the good without knowing the pain of the bad.

A bad thing is happening to Larry and his family, and yet, even though the bad is bad, my heart is warmed by the good that is just bursting from all corners of the world as people join together to help. While we all wish that it weren't needed, I am very proud to know that I could make a difference, albeit a small difference in the life a family.

I spent the weekend doing something that was very important to me so I missed most of the silent auction and radiothon. I'm hoping that I had a couple of successful bids on items and I know that the business card holder sold. In 48 hours, they raised over $5000 to help Larry and his family. And I just heard that BHR and other friends of Larry haven't called it "done" with helping this family. As always, keep an ear open to Blockhead Radio to stay updated on what is happening. Plus they have some wonderful long as Rod isn't singing along.

This is the quilt that I bought chances to win in Larry's Artfire shop, ChelseaLynnDesigns

I know that the drawing will be the first week of August, so you still have a chance to buy some chances. Click on the quilt for more details.

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