Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Ordered More Glass

Eeeps! As if I really needed any more glass, but when I saw this bead done by my friend, Trish, from SunDaisyGlass ,I was hooked. She's got an Etsy shop and an Artfire shop, and you might want to check out her pretties.

But back to the story...I saw this bead and the glass intrigued me beyond words. The colors are amazing and the glass is still fairly new. It is Gaffer glass which is a company based in New Zealand. Don't you think it is just an amazing glass? I'm now waiting for new glass...eeps.

I've also been playing lately. I am so not someone who makes sculptural glass. It's not something I find very easy and it's not even something I enjoy most of the time. I think it's just the silliness of spring, but I've just been playing with little critters.

And of course, some that are flowers...


  1. fish!!!!!! :D

    and you're so going to get me in trouble with those new glass... gah!!

  2. That new glass is fabulous! Can't wait for you to get it ....

  3. It is indeed beautiful glass...I am sure you will have fun with it.
    And your little critters..

  4. I love those little critters!

  5. Deronda, is there anything you can't do? Amazing!

  6. I really do love the fish. Hi D. Miss you lots

  7. love the petals... and the fish are SO adorable!

  8. look at you doing critters ;-) love the piggy and your fish are to cute. glass

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  10. Cool fish! and the colors of the flowers on your new bead are amazing.

  11. Love the flower, don't you just adore G109?!? Have fun with it.