Saturday, March 14, 2009

Supporting Handmade...

I am not someone that really enjoys shopping. I love making beads, and I love seeing all the new colors of glass, but I will be one of the last ones that ever get them because I dread shopping. Somehow it seems less like shopping when I am browing the the forums or doing some EC dropping and pop in to random shops.

Here are some of my purchases...not all because they will either be gifts or have already been claimed by one of the kids.
I look at my purchases, and there is a look, a feel and even a smell that reminds me handmade is worth supporting.


  1. I love to shop, however, when I shop handmade... there is just something magical about it. I love the fact that I bought something directly from the person who created it... I'm not lining the pockets of a huge commercial enterprise, I'm supporting the artist. That's such a hugely rewarding experience!


  2. Cute stuff. I love the look and smell of handmade too. It makes me smile. You put it in words very well!

  3. When I was younger and still living the city I used to love to go shopping. That's changed completely since I moved out to the country - now I love browsing Dawanda or Etsy shops and most of my gifts come from these venues!

  4. You said it so articulately Deronda! Shopping handmade just feels right. And you know you're getting something with "heart" in it.

  5. Shopping handmade is the best! All of the handmade gifts I have given have been well received - more so than a store bought one.

    I am giving you an award:

  6. Hi,

    Now, don't you go selling them at the street market for double price :-)

    Kind regards,