Friday, March 6, 2009

Playing Hooky...

The past week or so I have done little to nothing. After the last few weeks, it's just been time to play hooky and forget about all the things I "should" be doing. And just a word to my family members...could we just stay away from hospitals for awhile now? My brother-in-law first and then my dad. Both are home now.

Does that mean I don't have anything to show you? I do...I sold a set of beads, packed them up and mailed them off. And....they never made it there. I give pats on the backs to the post office though. Even though it was sent 1st Class, I still got answers to my questions via email and a call from my local post office. They have gone missing. So I did my best to make another set and with fingers crossed they are on their way.

This was the original set
These are the replacements...

I listed these together, mostly because I haven't taken the time to make little beads to match but I think they would make wonderful focals.


  1. Deronda,
    I'm so sorry about your missing shipment. Whoever 'finds' your pretty beads is a lucky person. At least your post office made an effort to help you - can't say the same for the guys over here.
    Hope this doesn't happen again!

  2. They are all beautiful! I just love your work.

  3. wow - I haven't had things come up missing from the post office yet. Cross your fingers and toes. Hope everyone is resting comfortably at home!

  4. Wonderful beads!! I featured some lamp work beads on my blog yesterday. I absolutely love them and completely envy you the ability to make them!

  5. I'm sure your customer will be very, very happy with the replacement beads. They are lovely.

  6. So frustrating when things go missing. Did they go east? I think the snow really messed them up - they just don'tknow what to do with snow back there do they? Not like us ;)

  7. Wow! I once mailed a package to a customer on December 3. She received it January 15th!

  8. darn! i hope they can find them and send them back to you. the replacement beads are lovely too.