Friday, February 27, 2009


Wow, the past couple of weeks have been full of different and interesting things. Where should I start?

Last week, I listened to my first radio talk show on the internet at Blockhead Radio It was fun to listen to the different members of the Wire Artisan Guild from Etsy talk about their work and their team.

I've also discovered that I am tired of winter and I am waiting for the snow to begin to melt. I don't want it all to melt in one day, I just want to see the temperatures start going up a little at a time.

There are so many places to sell and promote and socialize, that you can get totally overwhelmed trying to check them out and decide where you fit the best. I've also learned that my poor website needs to be attended to more than once in a blue moon.

But I still love making the beads...but I've been experimenting with a couple that catch my fancy.


  1. I love this new direction you're going with all of your jewelry making -- including these wire wrapped beads.

    ps - I am tired of winter and cold too

  2. D these are simply beautiful. I love the design elements and of course the colors.
    Great job.

  3. Your work with beads and wire are wonderful. I know what you mean about going in to many directions on the net, overwhelming at times.

  4. great looking pendants. Sorry I missed you on Blockhead...

  5. I too LOVE these new creations...keep the unique work! It will work for you.

    And thank you for listening to


  6. I wish the snow would go away too. I can't wait for Spring! I love the pendants, they're beautiful.

  7. What talent! I found your blog via EC!