Monday, December 1, 2008


Can you call the random thoughts that cross your mind musings? When I'm at the torch playing with fire and glass, I find my mind wanders all over the place as one color or pattern or technique start the process of "what if?" What if I used these colors together, what if I tried to get the glass to do this or that? Some days it isn't about the glass, it's about my family or the dog or did I remember to turn off the stove...

I think that is why I enjoy the time at the torch. I don't take a phone, people don't bother me(they think I might burn myself) and I just take the time to let it all drift and go wherever it takes me unless the thought of the stove being left on nags and nags until I go to the house to check on it.

I can't say that I have been extremely productive from a "selling" point of view, but that's okay. I think I knew that this year would just end on a slow note while my body continues its' healing process.

This is a bit of what I have been doing the last week or so....a friend, Sueze of Transitions in Glass sent me one of her 'imperfect beads'. It is so much my colors and I made a simple beaded chain to hold the pendant I made from her gift. Simple, but suits me perfectly.

A pile of the painted micro slides that need to be cleaned and listed on Artfire, I think.
And of course, my biggest addiction lately is the implosions and I finally broke down and made my self work on learning how to add the loops.


  1. Everything is wonderful Deronda, especially your implosions. How are you doing the loops? I am really challenged in that area too, thinking I need a pair of those special tweezers.

  2. The implosions are beautiful. Congrats on learning the loops. I watched someone do a demo of that process once and I was might impressed!
    The slides are great too. Keep us posted on your Artfire experience.

  3. your work is simply DIVINE! Wow...

  4. Those implosions are lovely...and i know exactly what you mean about doing something creative just allowing your mind to wander...I like when it leads to new crafty ideas :)

  5. Those are absolutely wonderful!

    (I am trying to stop myself from trying glass work. I'm afraid I would get addicted.)

  6. Implosions are a blast to make and the glass is addicting, but Contrariwise, I am finding that metal keeps calling to me too.

  7. Wow! You have lots of talent!