Friday, December 12, 2008


They say a winter storm is coming tomorrow. Brrr...blizzards are just not fun. We went to the grocery store and stocked up on all the necessary things like dry roasted peanuts and butter mints. Let it snow...I am ready!

Now that winter is truly here, it seems like all I can think about is flowers. Every time I sit down at the torch lately it's been flowers and not even normal(for me) flowers. It's all part of the process....I see something in my head and then have to figure out how to make the glass do what I see.
These are the first and don't quite make it. They are too abstract, way too top heavy and even the colors are just "off" from what is in my mind. But I do like the etching and I like the color changes on the bases.

This bead still sits in the "to list" drawer. I pull it out with every intention of listing it for sale and then for some reason, I just don't. First, it's been impossible to get a really true picture of the colors and metallic stringer. Secondly, I just don't I set it aside and try again to get a good picture and it goes back into the "to list" drawer.


  1. That bead is gorgeous and as soon as you finally decide to list it, it will be purchased!

    ps- unless someone beats me to it!

  2. it's bitter here too..-20 today. I agree with Orion Designs by the way, it has a wispy underwater look to it, beautiful.

  3. Beautiful beads. I like the
    way the stems wind round it!

  4. You bead is beautiful and you need to make one of your wonderful necklaces to show it off even more.

  5. in love with both of these. Beautiful, you are so gifted~

    Thanks for stopping by darlin, I feel so much better!

  6. I think that the first 2 are beautiful. I love the colors and the design. Great job! If winter inspired all artist this way our world would be a prettier place for sure. Keep up the good work.