Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feeling very lost

I seem to have lost a season or two. People are talking about fall, and Halloween and Christmas, and I am still wondering if the Dairy Queen has opened for the season. A lot has happened since the heart stuff all began in June, and I do know that. But....when it comes to the glass and torch and making beads, I am still thinking as if it were June.

In my head I know it's September, so I decided to make some leaves. But honestly, do these look like "FALL"?And Deb was quite sure they needed lady bugs....

But...I have been able to spend a bit of time back on the torch and although I'm a bit wobbly, I haven't totally lost it all. Now I just have to see if I can fast forward and make beads that are more in the season...

Just been using up all the odds and ends of glass that have been littering my work space for way, way too long.


  1. I'm with you wondering why it isn't summer still. I lost mine selling my house and setting up new (still in that process). I don't even know what week it is or how long I have been away from Los Angeles.

    Your leaves are beautiful and I think pink works for every season.

  2. Deronda - your lovely beads are always in season!



  3. Deronda- your healing has come a long way and you should be proud. Your leaves are beautiful!

  4. You know what, its ok with me if you continue on the summer theme. I'm not ready for fall or winter yet.

  5. Deronda, I love leaves regardless of the season. I am not ready for fall either, but it is only in the high 50s here today, and colder tonight. I am sure the fall isn't far away. Beautiful leaves, so glad you are back torching!!! (((hugs))))

  6. Hey there, Delightful Deronda!

    I am SO ready for fall... but I didn't know there was "summer" jewelry and "winter" jewelry until a woman told me so at a craft show last spring - LOL! I've spent 50-odd blissful years thinking I could wear my jewelry any old time I wanted. Your stuff is so pretty, anybody could wear it at any time!

  7. I love the pink leaves and ladybugs. So there.