Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Making changes....

So many changes have happened over the past couple of months. At times I find it all a bit overwhelming, and still struggle with the "new" reality. The whole thing still seems like a foggy dream most of the time...I know what I have been told and believe me, I can see the incisions and feel the pain, but it still doesn't seem quite real. I've been making the changes that will hopefully help keep the heart beating-some of the changes have been easy, others are a constant struggle. For me, the hardest has been trying to eat without the salt shaker!

Anyway, I have been doing things to stay busy until I can spend more time at the torch, and I thought I would share with you what I've been doing.

Okay, a few things that have come out of the kiln. I can usually handle about an hour on the torch before I have to shut it down and take a break...


  1. Deronda - I love that you're doing new things in the jewelry field! I know you're anxious to get back to the torch, but these new designs of yours will inspire you in ways you may not have imagined!

  2. Deronda, your pieces are just beautiful.