Monday, March 3, 2008


It's very strange how my mood affects the beads that I make. Maybe it isn't really a "mood", as much as a feeling at any given moment. The beads that happen may happen just because of a thought, a memory or maybe a song on the radio.

It's not a day, but a moment. On the same day, there may be a dark organic bead sitting alongside of a light and airy floral...something like this.

and this may come out of the kiln
on the same day.

It's a whole different look and feel, but that's just how it happens when I go out and let the glass and whatever I'm "feeling" guide my choices.

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  1. aloha, lovely work. I'm a beader, but not a bead maker. Here in Hilo, Hawaii, we have a beautiful shop called Hilo Art and Glass Bead and craft shop. I've been meaning to sign up for a intro class on lamp bead making. But I've been too busy.Looking at your work, gave me just the push I needed. thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work. Puakea